Functional and intelligent acoustics solutions are distinctive for GEIPEL® metal ceilings. Tuning for excellent room acoustics is very varied and requires appropriate planning when designing a room.

Acoustic criteria

  • Sound absorption refers to the “swallowing up” of sound. It is the conversion of airborne sound in thermal energy that is created through friction on the absorbing acoustic fleece. The ratio of the non-reflected to the incident sonic energy is called sound absorption coefficient α. This is between 0 and 1.
  • The reverberation time that is decisive for the acoustic wellbeing. IIt measures the period in which the acoustic pressure drops by 60 dB after the acoustic signal. Good absorption ensures a shorter reverberation time and thus, a lower sound level.

Together with the perforations available (download) and our acoustic fleece Geipel®Sound-excellent, our metal ceilings achieve excellent sound absorption values. The fleece is accurately thermally glued with the metal plates and considerably reduces dust exposure. Thus, it ensures fibre free ambient air. We hold many acoustic test certificates for the different perforations.

We also provide solutions that have been tested with acoustic measurements for applications in which sound transmission from room to room must be reduced.