Metal chilled ceilings according to TAIM quality standard

We manufacture a variety of chilled solutions for a wide range of different ceiling systems.

In addition to high-quality copper pipe-meanders (building biologically tested in construction), which are pressed into special thermal conductive profiles, we also offer our own oxygen-diffusion-proof plastic pipe system. Both versions are manufactured in-house and connected to the metal ceiling planks.

The following metal ceiling systems are suitable for use as a chilled ceiling and are recommended by us for this purpose:

In addition to good acoustic properties, the chilled ceiling systems tested by us have excellent performance values. Compared to air-conditioning systems, the advantage of THE GEIPEL® cchilled ceilings is the energy efficiency and thus significantly lower operating costs, the comfort due to the noiseless operation and the flexibility in use.

Our metal ceilings with integrated cooling are tested complete systems. Ceiling strips, substructure, accessories and copper pipe meanders are manufactured by us and prepared for our customers as thermally pressed activated chilled ceiling strips. The advantages of this integrated production is a perfected technology with the highest quality standards. Activated ceiling panels are ready for assembly in excellent packaging.