Square tiles in accordance with TAIM

GEIPEL® – metal tiles are immediately available with the colours standard white similar to RAL 9003, pure white similar to RAL 9010, and white aluminium similar to RAL 9006. All other RAL and NCS colours are possible at any time. The absolute colour identity of the metal cassettes with the exposed T-substructure is a special quality feature in the ceiling design with our systems.

To ensure the accurate fit of different functional elements, we produce the exact cuts, punchings and formings for

  • lighting
  • sprinklers systems
  • loudspeakers
  • climate control and other things

in our factory. Fitted panels in different sizes and geometries are manufactured according to customer specifications and guarantee an excellent ceiling design with perfection in detail.

Standard metal tiles in module 600 and 625

  • as lay-in tiles on T-profiles 15 mm, 24 mm or 35 mm wide or on special profiles
  • as clip-in and clip-in/hinge-down tile in clip-in-profiles
  • matching color with the exposed GEIPEL substructure