Planks are ideally suited for large ceiling areas, corridors, outdoor areas and special solutions. Virtually any type of building services system can be integrated and excellent accessibility for maintenance and service works, for some systems also without tools, is provided with this product. High quality powder coating ensures an excellent appearance of the ceiling.

Planks ceiling systems according to TAIM

As system manufacturer, we produce both the complete substructures and the planks in our factory. The result – high accuracy in fitting, precision and a ceiling system with excellent coating – meets all the requirements for metal ceiling installations of high quality. In addition to our standard systems, special designs and accurately fitting elements allow us to provide the optimal solution also for your metal ceiling requirements.

Bandraster systems open up manifold ceiling design possibilities for the installation of square and rectangular metal ceiling planks. Linear bandraster profiles as exposed load-bearing substructure are a very striking room design element. With additional bandrasters mounted transversely, dividing it lengthwise and crosswise, a special emphasis is placed on the ceiling. Ceilings with bandraster system are the ideal choice when partition walls are used because this system not only allows for installation of the ceiling panels, but also a very functional and aesthetically appealing installation of luminaires and other functional elements.

The clip-in system is the best solution if you are looking for a low priced ceiling system that allows easy planning. Thanks to our clamping profile with a strong clamping effect, it is easy and safe to work with and assembling. The planks equipped with a turning cone are installation friendly and allow easy dismantling with our ceiling opener. Our product range also includes special clip-in/hinge-down luminaires to go with the panels as aesthetic and functional highlights. With their low installation depths and absolute colour match with the ceiling panels, our luminaires are an element for emphasizing the homogeneity of the ceiling with guaranteed aesthetic appeal. These luminaires are a highlight in terms of functionality, optics, performance, energy efficiency and durability.

Our hook-in system allows a design with fine, exposed joints, linear or circumferential. The substructure with grid angles, CD profile and other profiles is installation friendly and saves money. Precise and perfect profiles guarantee an excellent appearance of the ceiling and are a clear proof for our high quality standard “made in Germany”.