Reflectance value, gloss level, colour capacity

Usually, shades of white are used for metal ceilings. Our standard colours in white are RAL 9003 signal white and RAL 9010 pure white. Naturally, our complete product range is also available in all the colours of the RAL and NCS colour systems.

The reflectance value is important for colour perception. Brighter colors reflect more light than darker colors. Geipel® metal ceilings in a colour similar to RAL 9003 or to RAL 9010 reflect about 87% of the incident light.

Incident light also reflects differently depending on the surface condition resulting in either more or less surface gloss. The light reflected at an angle of 60° to the incident light is measured. The result is the gloss level.

Our standard colours in white RAL 9003 signal white and pure white RAL 9010 have a gloss level of about 25 gloss units (measured according to Gardner and DIN 67530).

Coating type

GEIPEL® metal ceilings are electrostatic powder coated.

The advantages of this coating type are – among others:

  • physiological harmlessness
  • environmental friendliness
  • zero emissions
  • high resistance to yellowing
  • resistance to many chemicals
  • excellent paint quality with high level of uniformity
  • abrasion and impact resistance

The powder coatings we use are solvent-free. They do not contain any heavy metals and TGIC and, therefore, do not require any classification of toxicity or any other marking of toxicity.

Our metal ceilings have been tested for aspects of building biology and their use has been classified as harmless.