GEIPEL® Gypsum boards

Large-format plasterhole panels, with their variety of different hole images, offer an almost unlimited design option for acoustic ceilings. In harmony between functionality and aesthetics, the highest requirements for a modern ceiling system are met.

The perfect hole quality of the round and square holes guarantee an exact ceiling appearance. Acoustic fleece glued on the back or on the exposed side results in excellent sound absorption.

Our novel air-clean boards reduce harmful and odour substances in the indoor air.

Our large-format plasterhole boards offer you the following advantages:

  • Excellent acoustic and sound absorption values
  • First-class hole pictures
  • High dimensional accuracy of joints
  • Design solutions of all kinds
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Quality in the assembly process and the simplest installation

Assembly techniques


Spatula technology

Execution: Spatula technology
Joint width: 4 mm
Spatula technology 4 SK


Adhesive technology

Execution: Adhesive technology
Joint width: 2 mm
Adhesive technology 4 SK

Geipel Fuge

Spatula technology

Execution: Geipel-Fuge
Joint width: Pointed, at the top 4 mm wide joint
GF-Technology 4 VFK


  • Dimensions: depending on the desired hole pattern
  • Perforations: see below
  • Fleece: black fleece, white fleece, geipel® Sound-Excellent white, GEIPEL® Sound-Excellent black
  • Assembly techniques: Spatula technology, adhesive technology, geipel-joint
  • Material thickness: 12.5 mm / other material thicknesses on request

Perforations and acoustics