Exposed T-grid systems

Always the right choice of profile!

Geipel® T-substructures are suitable for ceiling systems made of metal, mineral fibre, gypsum and other materials, and manufactured with excellent workmanship quality.

Our products have been classified in building material class A1 in the classification of fire behaviour.

Our systems are very installation friendly and also easy to dismantle.

Special features include:

  • the wide variety of designs
  • the use of one main bar for two systems ES and FDS
  • the exact colour match with the ceiling elements and luminaires
  • the non-magnetic and shielded profile options
  • the production of special lengths and special slots according to customer requirements
  • the production of the T-profiles in all RAL colours

The system versions of the Geipel@ T profiles – system ES and FDS

T-Schienenausführung System ES

Exposed T-grid systems ES

T-Schienenausführung System FDS

Exposed T-grid systems FDS